Arthur Gourounlian pens heartfelt tribute to husband Brian Dowling


Arthur Gourounlian is celebrating his husband Brian Dowling’s birthday. 

The Dancing with the Stars judge marked the special occasion by sharing a heartwarming tribute to him on social media.

Arthur admitted that he and Brian, who tied the knot in 2015, are ‘blessed to have had some incredible birthdays together’, and revealed how excited he was that this time next year, they will have two children to celebrate with.

The dancing pro and The Six O’Clock Show host welcomed their first child, a daughter named Blake, into the world via surrogate in September 2022. In March of this year, the couple announced the wonderful news that they’re expecting their second child together. 

While penning the heartfelt message on Instagram this morning, Gourounlian unveiled a cute video that shows precious moments of himself, Brian and their daughter Blake together.

He captioned the footage, “In case you didn’t know, husband @bprdowling, you are 46 today. Where has the time gone seriously? I mean, it’s killing me to say you are two years older than me but look way younger. I guess you must be thankful for your stunning Irish genetics”.

“We are so blessed we have had some incredible birthdays together. I am just excited for plenty more ahead of us; fingers crossed”.

Arthur went on to say, “This is your last birthday as a father of one because next year, get ready; there will be two little ones fighting over who’s going to blow Dada’s cake candles. I can’t wait. I wish you the most incredible year ahead; you deserve everything that comes your way even more. I LOVE YOU. Happy Birthday, old man”.

Brian commented on the adorable post to say, “I didn’t really want to cry on my birthday. Blake’s voice in the end sent me right over the edge. I love you both so much”.

Brian also shared his own post about turning 46 years old, where he spoke about the privilege of growing older. 

Alongside a collection of photos of him and Blake celebrating his birthday this morning, Brian penned, “This is 46!!!! A BIG HUGE Happy Birthday to me. I never thought I would be where I am at 46 years old. Truth be told, I don’t think I will ever age mentally past 35”.

“I’m 100% still a work in progress & still very capable of making a holy show out of myself, but I love where I am at the age I am. With LIFE, every day is a school day”.

The former Big Brother star continued, “I never thought it would be possible for me to be a dad & especially in my 40s; it honestly brings me so much joy & love. Ageing is an UTTER PRIVILEGE not afforded to all of us, so how lucky are we to still be here GIVING LIFE A GO? Back in my 20’s & 30s, I wouldn’t leave the house without looking pristine & now, as you see from my stories every day I resemble a tired Cockatoo most days”.

“My 40s have brought me more contentment & calm but actually so has @gourounlian  Today I will think of my mum & dedicate this birthday & all future birthdays to her”.

Brian closed off by adding, “Also I’m 100% aware of the messages regarding my over-botoxed face & fake lips, but I’m 100% natural. If you are offended now, please do yourself a favour & look away when I’m 50!!!!”.