Are you doing this daily activity right?

We all walk every day, whether it’s to the car or to the bus at last some part of your daily activity involves walking. However, you might be doing it wrong without even noticing.

Here is how you should be walking:

Take shorter steps
When walking you should be taking short steps rather than long strides as they can lead to hyperextension of the knees which is when the knee joint is taken further than its normal range of motion. If you push your stride too far you risk your calf muscle having to push backward in order to push the body forward, which is not good.

Lean forwards
Most people think they walk with a slight hunch when in actual fact people tend to lean slightly backwards. We should be taking full advantage of gravity and engage core walking muscles.

Alternate your arms and legs
With each step you take your arms and legs should be working in opposition with your left arm moving just as far as your right leg.

It’s not hard to change the way you walk – it will eventually become natural.