Another famous face slams Kim Kardashian’s bum


It was only yesterday that Charlie Sheen called Kim Kardashian’s bum ‘gross’ – and today there’s another famous face picking on the star!

Geordie Shore star, Charlotte, who recently unveiled her astounding weight loss, was asked by MTV who she believed had the best bum in the business, answering: “The best bum in the world of showbiz has to be Beyoncé! That’s a stupid question- who else would it be?” Well, we won’t argue with you there, Char…

However, when the subject of Kim Kardashian’s famous behind came up, Charlotte was less that complimentary, saying: “Kim Kardashian’s [bum] is far too big. It looks like she’s wearing a massive sh**-filled nappy.” Charming!

We’re sure Kim will be best pleased with Charlotte’s graphic description of her famous bum!