Anna Geary is fed up with being asked about her baby plans

Camogie star and TV personality Anna Geary (33) is fed up of receiving the same old questions again and again, from people asking her when exactly she’s going to have a baby.

Understandably frustrated at some people’s lack of sensitivity, Anna explained to the RTÉ Guide how nowadays, people need to have a certain level of awareness, “not everyone is going to be able to have a family – or maybe they don’t want to, it’s a very personal thing.”


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Anna also noted that it’s a very common question for women to be asked opposed to men. When she asked her fellow Ireland’s Fittest Family coach, Davy Fitzgerald, who got married only a week before she did in October 2019, if he too was receiving any probing questions about when he and his wife were going to have a baby, the answer was no.

“It’s something people need to be a bit more mindful of,” Anna expressed before adding, “Would we like a family? Yes we would. Will we have a family? That’s not really our decision and I’m mindful of that.”


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Anna has previously encouraged Irish women to speak up about their fertility struggles, in an interview with The Sunday Mirror. “I’m acutely aware of the amount of people who struggle with fertility,” she confessed.

“It’s not like kids aren’t on the cards, I’m hopeful that they will be but I’m reluctant to say that we will because I don’t know if we can have them. I personally think we don’t talk about the struggles of fertility as a nation,” Anna stated.