Andy Murray’s fiancée nails her response to recent media uproar


Looks like we might have a new girl crush.

Andy Murray's finacée Kim Sears has responded to the media outcry that took place when she was seen swearing up a storm at a recent tennis match.

After her tennis star husband-to-be had broken back in the first set against opponent Tomas Berdych, Kim was seen uttering the words: "F*cking have it you Czech flash f*ck!" Yikes!

Well it looks like people's reaction to her foul-mouthed rant had an effect on Kim's wardrobe choices and we have to say, we love her for it.

Rocking up to the men's final in a casual jumper emblazoned with the logo: "Parental Advisory: Explicit Content", Kim definitely showed she's up for a laugh.

Defending his partner's colourful outburst at the time, Andy reasoned that anyone in the same situation may be liable to drop an F-bomb or two.

Commenting on the situation, mild-mannered Andy simply said: "In the heat of the moment you can say stuff that you regret. And, yeah, that's it!"

And with that new wardrobe addition, you can't say the gorgeous Kim hasn't given people fair warning!