An food theme park is opening and our tummies are very, VERY happy

If you love eating pizza and pasta, then this theme park is going to be your dream home.

Famous Italian restaurant, Eataly, has announced that it will open a part-entertainment, part-'edutainment' theme park in Bologna, Italy.

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Named FICO Eatery World, the tourist attraction is aimed to educate visitors about Italian home-grown food.

Bloomberg reports that the 20-acre park is going to have various orchards, pastures and gardens, as well as 25 restaurants and 40 workshops where visitors can learn about and create their own meals.

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It will also include a really cute green market, where you can buy the produce that is grown all around the park.

And the creators, Mario Bataly and Joe Bastianich, are certainly sparing no expense, forking out a massive €99m to make the park a success.

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It's planned to open in September 2017, but we already want to be there…