Amy Hart is freezing her eggs in case she doesn’t meet ‘the one’

Former Love Island star Amy Hart has revealed that she’s not going to let ‘not meeting the-one’ stop her from having kids, as she decides to freeze her eggs as a back-up plan.

The 27-year-old former air hostess opened up about her feelings on the matter in a series of candid clips which she posted to her Instagram Stories, in honour of International Fertility Week.

“I’ve always wanted to have kids, and I’m certainly not going to let not meeting ‘the one’ stop me from having them,” Amy stated.

“Last year I went to the London women’s clinic and had a fertility MOT done,” Amy explained, adding, “I will be freezing my eggs in the next few months and will be keeping you all updated”.


Taking to her Instagram Stories again later that evening to answer a few questions from her 1.1M followers, Amy added, “This is just a back-up thing. Obviously I would love to meet someone and have a baby naturally, but this is a back-up thing just in case I don’t.”

“But obviously this means that when I do meet ‘the one’, if he exists, then I have to be like, ‘so, how do you feel about kids?’”.

Describing what happens at a MOT, and what her results showed, Amy explained, “So they do a blood test, to check your AMH level, which is how long you’ll be fertile for. Obviously it’s not guaranteed, but it’s a good way to see. And then they do an internal scan to see how many eggs you’re ovulating”


“They told me ‘that’s my AMH levels,’ 8.5, which ties in with my family history of when my mum, my aunties and when my nan have gone through the menopause,” Amy described.

Putting her mind relatively at ease, she then went on to say, “They told me that I had a good number of eggs. So basically, up until I’m about 35/36 [years-of-age], I should be fine.”

Amy then went on to reveal that she’s received a few confused reactions from friends wondering “Why are you doing that? You’re so young!”. Taking her fertility journey into her own hands, Amy simply says, “I’m not going to be one of those people that falls pregnant at 40, so I need to do something.”