All the single ladies! Being forever alone definitely isn’t all bad


Getting into a successful relationship is something that most people truly long for.

However, not everyone is in a place in their lives right now where a relationship is something that's feasible for them.

Whether it's a high-demand job, a lack of interest, or just the fact that they haven't met the right person yet, not having a romantic relationship can sometimes be seen as a bit of a failure.

There are stereotypes enforced on single women, who are called crazy cat ladies and spinsters, doomed to reside in a state of perpetual singledom forever. 

It can be especially tough when your family consistently reminds you that if you want to get married in your early thirties, you better get cracking on securing yourself a fine suitor with a sense of urgency. 

There can be quite a bit of pressure to find the man or woman of your dreams, and this pressure definitely needs to chill for a second, because really, it's completely unnecessary.

While there are a million amazing reasons to get into a relationship, there are so many perks to being single.

We've picked out a few of our favourites:

10. You can get emotionally invested in TV relationships

Did anyone else cry when Hanna and Caleb split in Pretty Little Liars? Or when Susan and Mike were forced to call it quits in Desperate Housewives?

We can live vicariously through out TV peers without having the actual drama of a dysfunctional relationship. Win-win. 

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9. There is no one to mess up your Netflix preferences.

Speaking of TV dramas, our Netflix accounts are a perfectly honed medley of all of our favourite TV shows and documentaries, with the ideal suggestions in every second stream.

If we had to spend Netflix and chill nights with someone who doesn't share our exact TV tastes, we'd be very upset. 

8. Your bed is your sanctuary, and yours alone.

Some of us are just emotionally attached to our leabas, and having it all to ourselves is a blessing.

Cuddles are top notch, but if we had to put up with someone kicking, stealing the blanket or even snoring in our beds every night we'd lose our s***.

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7. More on the bed thing…

You can go to bed and wake up any time you want to, without worrying about accidentally waking someone up.

Or worse, being woken up by someone else, which would be completely unacceptable.

6. You invest time in building other meaningful relationships

Your best friends are your soul mates and you like it that way.

Sometimes, a romantic relationship can be all-consuming, and on rare occasions people can grow distant from their friends because of it, but when you're single then every night is girl's night. 

5. And when those friends are also single?

Having a best friend who is also single is pretty epic, it's like having a partner in crime for navigating the dating world.

And the nights out are unbeatable!

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4. You can avoid the drama of a relationship.

Life is full of enough drama without having to deal with jealousy arguments, splitting bills or in-laws.

Breaking up and making up is simply too messy for us to handle right now. 

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3. You get to eat all the food.

You know when the box says four servings, but your heart says one?

Well there is no one around to judge you for this, or worse, insist that you share that family-sized lasagne. 

2. You get to be selfish, and that's okay.

Sometimes you just have to focus on your own feelings.

Couples choose to be permanently respectful and considerate of the other's feelings, but when you're alone, you can make the best decisions to suit you without having to consider or notify anyone else. 

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1. You realise that you can be happy on your own.

One of the most important things to realise in life is your own worth, and being single is one of the best ways to truly become comfortable in yourself.

Learning about who you really are can happen single or attached, but singlehood definitely gives you more time to reflect on yourself. 

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So, no relationship? No problem.