All 5 seasons of Misfits are coming to Netflix tomorrow

Has anyone else run out of shows to watch on Netflix? Our weekends are now dedicated to watching new series and our favourite movies on the streaming services, but we’re struggling to find something to watch after months of quiet weekends in front of the TV.

Luckily, Netflx has answered our prayers and is finally adding all five seasons of Misfits to the streaming service. The sci-fi series followed a group of teens as they start community service together. However, things change when the five teens develop supernatural powers after a strange storm.

Nathan is immortal, Curtis can turn back time, Kelly can hear other people’s thoughts, Simon can turn invisible and Alisha can make someone fall in love with her by touching them.

All five seasons will land on Netflix in tomorrow, September 15, and we’re more than ready to re-watch the show, especially the early seasons with Robert Sheehan.

"ROBERT SHEEHAN NEWS: If S2 of The Umbrella Academy didn't scratch your itch, *all five* seasons of Misfits will be coming to @NetflixUK on 15 September,” Netflix tweeted.

In the meantime, you can catch Sheehan in the brand new season of The Umbrella Academy. The Irish actor stars as Klaus Hargreeves in the addictive Netflix show.

Misfits lands on Netflix on September 15.