Aerial yoga is the latest workout craze

It is favoured by the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, although this doesn’t surprise us to be honest, and is even used by athletes and soldiers to build muscles and recover from an injury.

But what exactly is aerial yoga or anti-gravity yoga as it is also known as?

Well, it involves swinging from a sling hammock which is hanging from the ceiling. Once in the sling, you will do a series of exercises that involve you hanging upside down by your ankles or  swinging in the hammock with your head facing the floor to name a few – basically yoga positions in a sling.

While it does seem like a strange way to exercise, the workout is apparently great for your core strength and stretching the body.

Apparently hanging upside down is great for your complexion as it helps blood flow – we might just have to follow in Gwenie’s footsteps and give this a go.