Actress sparks concern among fans after recent Instagram picture


When Tara Reid followed the trend of snapping her Halloween preparations for Instagram, she probably didn’t expect this reaction from the public.

The Sharknado actress sparked concern among her fans after posting a photo of herself wearing just underwear, with the caption: “Starting to get dressed for my costume.”

She quickly deleted the snap after fans immediately began criticising her thigh gap and posting their concern for her.

Tara later shared another selfie of her flapper costume, which highlighted her teeny frame.

Snaps throughout the night showed Tara having lots of fun with Kelly Osbourne and friends at a Halloween party, but things took a turn after she was snapped falling out of a club later that night, unable to stand.

Tara has previously spoken about her body issues, her battle with anorexia and her traumatic experiences with plastic surgery, and while we would never condone criticising another woman’s body, we really do hope she’s taking proper care of herself.