Actress opens up about deciding to ‘drink her own wee’


Emilia Fox, best known for her role in Silent Witness, has decided to open up about her jungle adventure with Bear Grylls and spares no detail and we'll be honest, we're not sure if Sunday morning is the right time to consider it.

The British actress, who recently appeared in Bear Grylls: Mission Survive, impressed viewers her with can-do attitude and stunned audiences with her ability to consume her own urine with little fuss.

But it looks like the star had a little trick up her sleeve in order to get through that horrifying act!

Deciding to spill her secret on that front, the blonde star said: "It was mind over matter. I pretended I was downing a pint in a pub, which would have been a challenge for me, too."

In addition to pretending she was just down the local, the actress employed a few more techniques in order to stomach the questionable liquid, revealing: "And I didn’t breathe through my nose until the taste subsided. I kept telling myself it was green tea."

The star, who's related to Billie Piper by marriage, says that the notion of not drinking your own wee during her jungle adventure was not an option, joking: "Try telling Bear Grylls that!"

We think convincing ourselves our own wee was a pint of cider would take a huge amount fo effort, so hats off to the gorgeous Emilia!