Actress’ bikini selfie sparks worry about her drastically thin frame

Actress Tara Reid was enjoying some family time in Palm Springs yesterday over the Thanksgiving break. But some of the shots she shared on social media led to worried comments from fans about her increasingly slender frame.

The comments began when the American Pie star shared a snap of her standing at a window wearing only a pink and turquoise bikini. Although she seemed delighted to be relaxing in the sun, captioning the picture, "Visiting my parents house in Palm Springs for thanksgiving before the turkey," her followers soon began to express concern over her thin shape.

"You are too skinny," said one, while another comment read, "please get this girl a sandwich."

However other fans were quick to defend the 39-year-old actress, with one writing, "Her weight is her business. Stop being so judgmental. You don't know her story."

Tara didn't seem bothered by the comments, posting another message on Twitter later that day which read, "feeling good tonight."

She was clearly enjoying a relaxing day – even skipping out on evening arrangements with friends as she slept off her Thanksgiving dinner:

The actress has always had a slim frame and has defended her weight in the past, however her shape has drastically slimmed down over the last number of years. Recent snaps of her getting ready for Halloween in a short flapper-style dress also led to concerned messages from fans:

We hope she is doing okay!