“Hathahaters” made her stay away from the limelight


Poor Anne Hathaway always seems to get a terrible time and the Les Miserables actress is well aware of her “Hathahaters”.

The Dark Knight Rises star admits that she got “a beating” online after she won several awards, including an Oscar, last year. The 31-year-old was picked on for her seemingly long speeches, as well as her dress sense.  She confesses that her critics made her shy away from the limelight as she felt like “people needed a break” from her.

Talking to MTV at the Sundance Film Festival about her new film Song One, the actress says that the low budget film couldn’t have come at a better time.

She explains: “We had been working on the script for almost two years before we actually started shooting. All of the elements came together in that moment.. I don’t want to bring up a sore subject or anything — I think my publicist is probably like ‘No, no no’ — but I had just taken a little bit of a beating from the Internet.”

Aw, don’t worry, Anne – we love you!