Actress accidentally shares password for private party photos


For anyone looking for a little incriminating evidence against a Coronation Street star, cast member Brooke Vincent has given it to you on a plate!

The actress took to her social media to share a carefully selected snap from the cast’s Christmas party, but accidentally shared the secret password to see the entire collection of private photos. Yikes!

If Brooke is anything like us, she likely spent all afternoon trying to find a mildly acceptable photo of herself and her friends. But all that effort counts for nothing now, as her near 500,000 followers have the photo booth passcode.

Show bosses had pulled out all the stops to ensure that the cast and crew could enjoy a little privacy on their big night out, reportedly getting the catering staff at the event to sign a confidentiality clause.

While we feel it would take a lot of effort to track down the photo booth suppliers to actually get up to any mischief with the information, we can’t imagine some of the cast will be too happy knowing that the public now has access to their drunken pictures.

Let this be a lesson learned, Brooke!