Actor responds to outrage over his ‘inappropriate’ behaviour


Actor Jeremy Renner has responded to outrage over his comments about Jennifer Lopez’s breasts at Sunday’s Golden Globes Awards.

The pair were presenting an award together when Jennifer spoke about opening the envelope, saying: “You want me to do it? I’ve got the nails” to which Jeremy replied: “You’ve got the globes too" and staring at her breasts.

The internet did not take too kindly to Jeremy’s words, branding them sexist and inappropriate. However, Jennifer spoke after the incident to E!, telling them she found it really funny: “That was really funny. He’s a very funny man. It even made me a little hot.”

Now, the actor himself has responded to the public outrage, taking to his Twitter account and writing “A reminder not to take this sh** so serious. Thanks Jennifer – you’re a gem.x.”

Do  you think people overreacted to Jeremy’s words or is it completely inappropriate to point out a woman, or indeed anyone’s body in the way he did?