Actor comes under fire after labelling musician ‘a b*tch’


Silicone Valley actor and stand-up comedian TJ Miller has faced serious heat after labelling Gabi Halzwarth 'a b*tch' multiple times throughout the course of the Crunchie Awards- a ceremony that honours tech start-up companies.

Gabi Holzwarth got on the wrong side of host TJ Miller after she dared boo him for negative remarks he made about her boyfriend Travis Kalanick's taxi app Uber.

Unimpressed by Gabi's outspoken nature, TJ made an ill-advised racial slur, saying: "Hey, Asians aren't supposed to be this entitled in the United States."

If that wasn't shocking enough, the 33-year-old actor then went on to say: "I'm talking about California, you b*itch".

When Gabi, a professional and highly-acclaimed violinist, pitched her app to Miller, he interrupted by saying: "This b*tch from Palo Alto?"

Fellow guests were clearly shocked by Miller's degrading remarks, with many taking to social media after the event to voice their opinion.

Fellow attendee Katie Jacobs Stanton said: "Honoured that Twitter won a #crunchie but that was the most uncomfortable event I've ever attended as a woman."

Gabi didn't keep quiet either and in a dignified move, simply tweeted: "10 yrs ago, I was called a bitch… not ok. Yesterday I was called a bitch… still not ok. Let's try moving away from that word. #stayclassy"