A skyscraper shaped like Beyonce’s body is currently being built


Queen Bee is the inspiration for many things in life – but this we were definitely NOT expecting.

Yes, a new skyscraper is going up in Melbourne and it's shaped like, well, like Beyonce. 

The building is inspired by Beyonce's curves in one of her music videos, Ghost.

In a statement the building's architect said that "the form does pay homage to something more aesthetic," which we think is architect-speak for '"it'll be lovely".

And while the so-called Premier Tower building may looks like Beyonce's hourglass figure, it serves a purpose too: it will function as retail and residential space and will contain some 660 apartments, as well as a 160-room hotel. 

Computer-aided design even let's us see a generated image of what the 226metre high structure is expected to look like.

This isn't the first time a building is based off a celebrity body, mind. The Toronto towers were modelled off the hourglass figure of Marilyn Monroe.