A PROTEIN Advent Calendar exists, and frankly that’s just going too far

We have protein pizza, We have protein doughnuts. We have protein ICE CREAM for crying out loud. 

But now, the Irish fit fam and gym bruhs and gunnies of the world have encroached their obsession with fulfilling daily nutrition goals on a product that we thought would be safe – the Advent Calendar. 

Over on Twitter, one user shared a snap of a Protein Advent Calendar he spotted in Tesco last week. 

@Island Miles' upload has garnered quite a lot of attention, with many lambasting our obsession with protein as having gone too far in this instance. 

The calendar features a seriously buff reindeer wearing a knitted Christmas jumper which reads 'Merry Fitmas and a Happy New Rear.'

On his arm is a lady reindeer, decked out in gym leggings and a festively patterned gym top. She is laden down with a Santa's sack, full of protein shakers and gym water bottles. 

Each chocolate bite in the calendar contains 5 grams of protein – plant based, in case you were wondering. 

While admittedly if you're looking to squeeze in as much protein as you can into your diet, this is a pretty novel and entertaining way to do it. 

But we have to ponder, is anything sacred?