A pet owner’s guide to Christmas: From stockings to chewtoys

Nothing brings us more joy in life than coming home after a long day to find an adorable pet waiting with excitement. 

For dog owners, this means puppy- breath kisses and tail wags that pat against your side.

While cat owners are more likely chasing down their Egyptian goddess to force furry cuddles and soothing purs.

And with the holidays just a week away, there's no better way to show your pet appreciation than with a thoughtful gift.

So, we've rounded up the best presents that will have your special friend panting or purring all night long.

1. All-Natural Cat Toys Collection 

€14.32 on Amazon

2. Christmas Cracker Toy

€8.25 on Marks & Spencers

3. Personalised Food Bowl

€11.54 on Etsy

4. Red Christmas Cat Collar with Bells

€6.99 on Pet Bliss

5. Scruffs Snuggle Blanket

€25.99 on Pet Bliss

6. Pedigree Christmas Dog Stocking

€6.51 on Amazon

7. Good Girl Cat Stocking 

€6.99 on Pet Bliss

8. Mini Mince Pies Treats

€4.73 on Amazon

9. Plush Turkey Dog Toy

€8.99 on Pet Bliss

 10. Happy Meow Sardine Catnip Toy

€4.41 on Amazon

11. Rusee Bird Swing

€6.63 on Amazon

12. Plush Small Animal Sleeping Bag

€3.12 on Amazon

13. Small Animal Advent Calendar

€6.07 on Amazon

14. The 7 days of Xmas Dog Treats

€4.60 on Petcara

15. Filfeel Pet Santa Hat

€7.01 on Amazon