A number of water restrictions are in place as reservoir levels drop


While the glorious weather is definitely having a positive impact on our moods, the same can not be said for our water levels. 

The heatwave and continuous sunshine has caused our reservoir levels to deplete, and Irish Water is urging everyone to conserve water at home. 

There are already restrictions in place for around 10,000 homes nationwide, and now the Greater Dublin Area is facing outages as demand exceeds supply. 

"Our operational teams are meeting on the ground at the moment, and they are looking at all available options such as reconfiguring the network and looking at different ways to supply people," Kate Gannon from Irish Water said.

"However, with the existing excessive demand, we are looking at a significant increase in the risk of restrictions and outages in the coming days unless things change."

Irish Water took to Twitter to highlight the number of restrictions currently in place. 

Describing the situation as "critical",  Irish Water are asking the public for their help on this matter.