A new household diary your mum would love


Francis Brennan is Ireland’s favourite hotelier and bestselling author. He fronts one of Ireland’s most popular TV shows, ‘At Your Service’, where his wit and charm have endeared him to a mass of fans across the country.

Drawing from his experience in the running of the five-star Park Hotel Kenmare, he has written ‘The Homekeeper’s Diary 2021’ and it’s wonderful.

Francis Brennan has been keeping a diary every day since he received one for Christmas as a young boy in 1966. He made a New Year’s resolution that he would write in it daily and has kept that resolution every year since. Every evening, no matter what, he writes a couple of lines each day as an aide-memoire.

Known across the country for his impeccable taste and high standards when it comes to home management, the hotelier could not be better placed to create his own Homekeeper’s Diary for planning the year ahead.

The Homekeeper’s Diary 2021 offers readers a space to record it all, from important dates to scheduling, shopping lists and keeping daily personal records.  It also includes Francis’s expert advice on cleaning, gardening, cookery, and all other aspects of household management.

Peppered with hilarious anecdotes from Francis’ experiences in the hotel trade and his sage advice, including tips on budgeting, recycling, changing plugs, and when to plant your bulbs and vegetables, The Homekeeper’s Diary offers readers both a traditional diary with the space for recording the year and all the practical tips needed to ensure domestic bliss in 2021!

The Homekeeper’s Diary 2021 by Francis Brennan is out today Friday, 18 September 2020 at €19.99.