A must listen: Niall Breslin revealed as voice of new wellness podcast

Multi-platinum selling songwriter and mental health activist, Niall Breslin has been revealed as the voice of mindfulness on Spotify’s brand-new podcast series, ‘Wake Up/Wind Down’. Available to stream now, the podcast will open and close listeners day as part of a Spotify curated playlist called ‘Your Daily Wellness’, which is available to stream in Ireland, UK and USA.

In these unprecedented and stressful times, Niall’s latest bi-daily podcast with Spotify will help listeners ‘Wake Up’ and log into their day by clearing the head before taking part in the chaos of the modern world, while helping to ‘Wind Down’ in the evening by re-framing and settling the mind.

Speaking on the announcement, Niall Breslin said “I’m delighted to be part of this brand-new Spotify podcast and to be able to share my work with listeners across the globe. If ever this is the perfect time to take a moment for yourself, re-frame the mind and create a positive mental space in this hectic 24-hour news feed cycle environment we find ourselves living in today”. 

The ‘Wake Up/Wind Down’ Spotify podcast series is released daily each weekday morning and evening.