A-lister couple have a rat infestation


Not many A-listers would admit to having a rat infestation, but Jennifer Garner is becoming more candid by the day. The 42-year-old star of Dallas Buyers Club spoke to Conan O' Brien about the domestic issue she and husband Ben Affleck have been faced with and revealed her funny, mischievous side in the process.

So, it turns out that the backyard of Ben and Jen's Los Angeles home has a lot of ivy and, unfortunately, ivy can lead to rats. A lot of rats. Brave Jen, instead of dealing with a costly removal, decided to hire a herd of goats to get rid of the problematic plant.

The stunning actress made the decision to invite more than a hundred goats into her back garden, in the absence of her husband, and then sent him photos of the chaos. “I sent that picture to Ben on location… It was like, his first day on the Batman set…I said 'Honey, I'm taking care of the ivy!'”

The plan, however, wasn't exactly flawless. The goats weren't the most quiet of workers and unfortunately, no one told Jennifer that ivy grows back over time.

We don't know about you, but we're starting to like Jennifer more and more.