A cup of tea could save your relationship!


We definitely agree with this recent study by charity OnePlusOne – apparently the things we cherish most in relationships are the little, everyday gestures that show you care, such as making your partner a cup of tea.

It also found that people with higher emotional intelligence had the most successful relationships, which isn't all that surprising – no one wants to be with an insensitive caveman. 

The ‘6 Cs’ are also very important if you want your relationship to last: connect, commitment, communication, care, compromise and resolving conflicts.

The UK’s Department of Education launched a campaign last week called Love Nuggets, and the slogan is: “Everday things that people do to make a relationship happy”.

The campaign is adamant that “regular small acts of kindness such as taking your partner a cup of tea in bed can lead to a happier, healthier and stronger relationship, even more than big gestures like chocolates or expensive holidays.”

We have to say we totally agree – though if someone wanted to bring us on an expensive holiday, that’s fine too!