A ‘crazy crow’ is terrorising the people of Louth!

The residents of Tullyallen in Co. Louth are under attack from one very confident crow!

The bird, which has been dubbed as the ‘Crazy Crow’, has been landing on people’s heads, waking people up by tapping on their windows and stealing the cones at GAA training! He has become so well known around the local area that he even has his own Facebook page!

However, not everyone has deemed the crow as a pest – one woman, June Smith is quite taken by the winged creature!

Sinead Sweeney, on the other hand, was not happy when he woke her and her family up pecking at the window and squawking. Sinead said that he "then tried to attack my dog. Lunatic!!"

We really want to meet this guy! However, some residents are worried he will hurt one of the school kids. One woman revealed that "it was my child he went for this morning, to the back of his head."

Suddenly, this funny story has taken an eerie twist….