A bouquet of NUTELLA donuts? Don’t mind if we do

Listen, I love flowers as much as the next person, but they die – and it is sad every time. 

However, you know what won't die? Our love of donuts, that's what.  


We love when you guys send thoughtful, inspirational messages to each other … #dessertboxes

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With that in mind, we would like to draw your attention to our latest Internet discovery, in the form of Nutella donut bouquets – yes, we're serious. 


When your mum provides the goods on your birthday  #dessertboxes

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The magical creation comes from Dessert Boxes, who have been major players in the doughnut bouquet game for quite some time now.

The Sydney based company haven't started shipping internationally as of yet,but we are PRAYING that this happens soon.


Flowers? Yeah, nah. #doughnutbouquet#donutbouquet#dessertboxes

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They recently had their first proposal order, which we cannot deny, is literally everything we would look for in a marriage proposal. 

However, if proposals are no longer for you, the company also cover birthday boxes, apology bouquets and dessert boxes for special events. 


Donuts for 1? #dessertboxes#donuts

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We especially enjoy the way the company include Nutella syringes, tiny vodka bottles and, in some cases, CASH. 

Prices for these amazing gift boxes and bouquets start at $35 AUS, and we are kind of tempted to move to Sydney.

Anyone else?