9 things you should never say to an arts student


Many of us out there chose arts for different reasons. Maybe we were really good at English, or History, and chose to go down that route to teaching or writing. Maybe we just didn't quite know what we wanted to do and chose the best course that would offer us choices. Either way, we don't regret it (much). Here are some things we are sick of hearing:

1. “Oh you’re in arts … bad one”
You're an idiot…bad one. 

2. “What course did you want to get?”  
Law, but that’s really not the point…just feck off!

3) “What are you gonna do after though? Is it annoying that you can’t really use your degree?”
I don’t go around interrogating you about what you’re gonna do. Maybe I’m going to do something in the subject I have been studying…ever think of that?

4."Ah ye but she’s just in arts. Why would she be worried about grades, it’s so easy sure”
We hate you. 

5. “What do you mean your subjects aren’t all set out for you? That must be soooooo annoying!”
I’m coming for you…


6. “You got your credits wrong!”
Okay I know it’s my fault but please don’t give out to me now. Doing an extra subject this semester will not be fun.


7. “Oh you’re doing a masters in English/Social Science/Psychology? Really? I thought they only did them in Business?”
You know there is more to life than a business masters people!

8. “So you’re going to be a teacher then are you?”
No, I’m not. There is more that you can do with an Arts degree you know?

And for the grand finale…

9. “Do you want fries with your degree?”
Sigh and walk away, never indulge. 

I'm sorry, but were you born stupid

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