8 times SATC’s Carrie Bradshaw was just a ridiculous human

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker turns 50 today, and while she's already hit headlines in the last 24 hours by showing off her seriously epic side-eye, we couldn't let that be the only way we marked her big day!

SJP will forever be remembered for her role as Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, and while we loved the show and the characters to pieces, there's no denying that Carrie could be a little annoying at times. Okay, very annoying. All the time.

Here are just a few moments that made us cringe internally…

1. The time she freaked out while trying on wedding dresses
Of course it's going to make you itchy, it's made of cheap ugly lace…


2. The time she forced Charlotte to pawn her engagement ring to help with rent
What. On. Earth.


3. The time she said "You have to forgive me" over and over and over after cheating


4. The time she couldn't grasp how a computer worked
Thank God he couldn't see you right then, Carrie.


5. The time she compared herself to a horse in Central Park
As you do.


6. Every time she brought the conversation back to her own problems
Abortions, cancer, divorce… she always managed to link it back to her own life. Commendable, really.


7. The time she partied all night before a shoot and was annoyed when she looked bad
That's life, Carrie.


8. The time she pinned a giant corsage onto her dress just 'cos.
Not to mention the many, many other questionable outfit choices. Oh, Carrie. Stick to the Dior.