8 signs that you’re most definitely in a relationship

You possibly intended for it to be an isolated shift but suddenly one text message turns into three and before you know it you are leaving a toothbrush in their bathroom and spooning them every second night.

As far as you’re concerned it is an unofficial thing that is only a bit of fun, but there is a line and when it is crossed you are heading for one place and one place only. Couplesville. How do you know you are in such a place? Here are some signs that prove you are no longer a single pringle and in fact have a boyfriend/girlfriend you didn’t really know about.


1: You wear his clothes.

Officially in relationship

We don’t mean in a ‘walk of shame’ way – it’s okay if you borrow  his jumper then. Irish weather and a ten minute walk home justifies wearing his Jack Wills hoodie, but sitting around in his bedroom wearing his hoodie even though you have your own clothes may elude to the fact that this dude is more than a friend.

2: You spend actual time with each other


Both of you do stuff together that does not revolve around sex. Cinema dates, going for coffee or just binge watching your favourite TV show highlight that there is quite possibly more happening than just friends with benefits.

3: You have no idea when you were last on Tinder

officially in relationship

Quite frankly you couldn’t care less who you’re matched with or what creepy message they have left in your inbox. Guess why? Because you already have your match (for now anyway) so Tinder is rendered useless.

4: The text messages are less dirty and more sentimental

officially in relationship

If you are physically attracted to someone but emotionally not attached then the likelihood is that your messages will be of the sexting genre. However as soon as the messages come  filled with care and concern about how your day went or that assignment you had to hand up then it is time to accept that you are on your way to attachment city.

 5: You sleep together without actually ‘sleeping together’


Yes, you stay over sometimes. Yes, you spoon each other and no, you don’t always have to have sex. Sounds like a healthy R E L A T I O N S H I P to us.

6: You can’t remember the last person you shifted who wasn’t them


Was it that dude from Coppers, was it  that girl at that weird New Year’s Eve party you went to? Either way, apart from the chance of getting with Johnny Depp or his female equivalent on your next night out, you are both pretty content shifting each other. Nawwww.

 7: You have your own side in his bed.

officially in relationship

Not only do you have your own side in his bed, but also a spare toothbrush in bathroom, and some makeup removal stuff. Two words: domestic bliss.

8: You can kiss each other without presuming it will lead somewhere else


If you are kissing someone to be affectionate while watching the latest episode of Game of Thrones then you have entered another ball game completely.

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