8 annoying things every new couple is guilty of


No matter what your own relationship status is, there's nothing like a smitten new couple to make you get sick in your mouth a little.

Those first few weeks of a new relationship might be heaven for the couple themselves, but for everyone else it's just… EW. 

Here are just a few things that new couples do to really get us reaching for the vomit bucket…

1. The endless, endless couple selfies
Limit it to one a day, people.


2. Wanting to analyse every single text
"Do you think when he said 'see you later' that he actually wants to see me later? Should I go put on fake tan and my nice knickers? WHAT DOES HE MEAN?"


3. Suddenly favouring the word "we"
"Oh we LOVE House of Cards!"


4. Insisting that no-one else "gets" just how in love they are
"It's a deep love, you wouldn't understand."


5. Constant PDAs
Is it really necessary in the frozen food aisle of Tesco?


​6. Hating that some of their friends are still single
"I've never met John's cousin but he's apparently really good looking, so I'll set you up on a blind date yeah?"


7. Thinking that those soppy Facebook posts are now charming and sweet
Spoiler: They're not.


8. Switching to baby talk any time they're together
Keep it to yourselves, cuddle-wuddle monsters.