7 places we shouldn’t cry but always do


Why is it we always end up needing to ball our eyes out in the worst possible places? It's never as easy as breaking down under your duvet – oh no, it's usually one of these inappropriate and uncomfortable gems:

1. In Work


It's never easy taking criticism and trying to fight that urge to bawl when you get in trouble is SO hard – but you need to do it. 

2. In A Nightclub


Drink, girls and dancing can sometimes lead to tears – so look after yourself!

3. In A Lecture


We know that hangover is killing you – but concentrate, this stuff is important!

4. In Front Of Your Girlfriend's/ Boyfriend's Parents


Unless there's a valid reason of course, tears in front of your SO's parents are best avoided. 

5. On A Date


You just met – don't do it!

6. In Front Of Your Girlfriend's/ Boyfriend's Friends


If it's a new relationship you really don't want to do this…guys are bad enough handling their own girlfriend's tears without needing to wipe yours too!

7.  On Public Transport


Don't be the girl that cries on the bus, we've all been there, let's not go back. 

via our content partner CT