7 irritating people you’ll find on public transport

If you’re not lucky enough to have your own set of wheels, you’re probably well acquainted with the useful but sometimes infuriating service that is Irish public transport.

Whether it’s a bus, train or tram, there’s a good chance your journey to work or college will be ruined by certain types of people. These people make you wish you stayed at home and studied for that drivers theory test. They leave you irritated and considering whether you should get off two stops before your original stop. 

1. The Music Blarer 

So there you are, happily settled in your seat. You’re gazing out of the window and despite the fact that it is very early in the morning, you’re pretty content. That is until some dude in a beanie sits across from you and now you’re peaceful morning commute has some erratic trance music as a soundtrack. Lovely…

public transport

2. The Over-Sharer

This is the person that has an incredibly loud conversation on their phone or with their friends about incredibly personal matters. The bus is silent. She is the only one talking but yet it is at that moment that she decides to talk to her friend about the details of last night’s drunken escapade. Now you and the entire bus know that she cheated on her boyfriend. No one cares about your infidelity or that he was a good kisser. Shut up. I’m trying to read my free Metro.

Irritating people on public transport.

3. The Space Invader

There are plenty of seats around you. This was the only morning you did not put your bag on the seat next to you in an anti-social fashion and what happens? The Space Invader seizes this moment to sit beside you even though there are many other free seats dotted around the bus. This is beyond irritating. You now have someone breathing on top of you and impeding on your alone time. The space invader has no concept of personal space. Yes that it is my arm. Please do not touch it again….


4. The Screamer

Your iPod is on full blast, trying to drown out this person. The screamer does not understand what an indoor voice is and the loud hyena like laughter is actually cutting through you. Silence is severely underrated. Somebody pass the Panadol because you can feel a serious headache coming on.

public transport

5. The Snacker

Eating on public transport is sometimes necessary and early morning/evening commutes may require some sustenance. However it is not okay for you to be forced to sit beside someone for forty minutes who is eating a wrap that definitely has tuna in it with cheese and onion crisps. This will have you regretting that you picked the window seat. You are now trapped with The Snacker and are forced to embrace their food choices. Oh the smells…

public transport

6. The Chatty Cathy..

It is pretty damn early. You’re still unsure whether getting out of bed was the best decision and then you are met with that person who believes sitting beside someone requires small talk. The weather, the traffic and where you bought your shoes are topics up for grabs. Smiling through gritted teeth and responding with generic answers, you inwardly wonder why life must test you in this manner and briefly consider crawling under the seats to escape the mind numbing conversation.

public transport

7. The Smelly Person

Don’t think your silent farts are being unnoticed. Or that we don’t know you haven’t had a shower. It’s extremely obvious.


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