5 tips to stay fresh and gorgeous on a flight


There is nothing like a long plane journey to make you really feel like you’ve been through the mill. It is common to step off the plane with dry skin, washed out complexion and greasy, flat hair.

Stick to these five steps and you’ll be as picture perfect as Kate Middleton stepping onto the tarmac.

Keep your hair up
Pop your hair into a high bun to stop it getting knotty and greasy. Keep it loose so all you need to do before landing is untie it for an on-rend tousled look!

Don’t wear make-up
Don’t put make-up on before getting onto the plane, it’ll probably be really early and, sure, who’ll see you anyway.

Wash your face
Bring some cotton wipes and a bottle of water onto the flight. Gently dab the water onto the tissue and wash your face – you can do this in your seat.

Moisturise your face
Before landing, gently apply some moisturiser to your skin – it will make you feel fresh and awake.

Apply some make-up
Only after you have done all this should you apply a little make-up. Concealer or tinted moisturiser and a little mascara should be enough – you don’t want to look too done up.