5 signs that prove you’re an introvert


You hate small talk

Long deep conversations with friends, sure. But making small talk with strangers, not so much. The idea of small talk can be so bad, that you will often go out of your way just to avoid an awkward conversation with someone.

Spending the day alone

Sometimes the best company is your own company and nothing makes you happier than spending the day alone at home.

You hate night outs

You hate to admit it, but you do. You spend ages getting ready, only to be counting down the hours till it’s time to go home. Sometimes a good night to you is sitting at home and bingeing on your favourite television programme.

Your phone is glued to your side

You wonder how fellow introverts manage without this. Not only can your phone help you get out of those horrible awkward conversations. But it can also provide you with much needed distractions till your friend arrives.

Long walks

You love going for love long walks by yourself, where you can truly escape into your own thoughts. Having your favourite selection of music, often helps too.