5 make-up tips for redheads


Don’t drown out your stunning red hair by over doing it on the make-up. Stick to these five tips and you will have everyone pining after your ginger locks.

Stay clear of harsh colours like black and instead opt for a lighter and more subtle brown eyeliner.

When it comes to eyeshadow, peaches and of course browns are your best friends. Use a plum shade for night-time antics. It is also perfect if you have green eyes as it will really make them pop. Think Emma Stone.

Embrace your freckles
If you have freckles it’s time to embrace them. Stick to a light foundation that will even out skin tone without covering up your sun kisses.

Avoid the Barbie pink colours and instead go for crimsons and deep tones; however, make sure you use it sparingly.

Avoid using several coats – stick to a max two and go for a brown if you feel brave.