5 important reasons to start finding time to apply a face mask


Some of us don't apply face masks as often as we should. In reality though, they are the perfect thing to do on your romantic Friday night date with your cat and a glass of wine.

Here are 5 reasons why we think you should start finding time to apply a face mask!

1. They are really relaxing. Go for a long soak in a bubble bath and then apply a face mask, you'll feel relaxed due to the scent and your skin will feel fab.

2. Cleansing your skin only removes surface dirt. Face masks cause a deeper cleanse by drawing impurities out of the skin.

3. Regular face masks keep your pores unclogged and prevent the bacteria build up under our skin which can cause spots.  

4. After you've applied a face mask you will feel better in yourself because of the time and care you've dedicated to your skin.

5. DIY face masks can be great fun and used when you don't have time to run out and buy one. 

A few suggestions for your DIY facemask ingredients we would suggest are- banana, avocado, honey and yoghurt.