5 common eyebrow mistakes we all make


How you shape your eyebrows can either make or break you. While it may seem easy, many, many people are still managing to get it wrong.

Using a magnifying mirror
If you have to use a magnifying mirror to see the little hairs, you don’t need to pluck. Remember, people will be looking at you through the naked eye. Over-plucking leads to thin, sparse brows that don’t look good

Getting the arch wrong
Angle a pen from the bridge of your nose up to your iris to find your arch.

Tweezing above the brow
Only plunk under the arch and never go above it – no matter how much you may want to.

Try to make them look the same
Your eyebrows are not identical, so don’t try to make then look the same. If you do, you will lose the natural shape and end up with brows that look a little bit strange.

Choosing black brow make-up
If you need to fill in your brows make sure you choose the right colour. If you are fair, go for a colour that is one shade darker than your hair and if you are dark go one shade lighter. Never, ever choose black.

Remember, plucking your eyebrows is an art form that needs to be mastered.