4 different types of best friends everyone has


Let’s face it, most of us don’t have one best friend, we just have a group of many best friends.

Childhood best friend
She’s been there as long as you can remember. You probably met her at school and you can’t imagine your life without her. She’s been there for every big moment in your life so far and will be there for the rest that are to come.

At this stage, you would like to think you’ve matured beyond the stage of having a “frenemy”. But unfortunately, every friend group has one. You probably tolerate her because she is your best friends’ friend and hope in time you will grow to love her as much your friend does. You hope.

Opposite best friend
You love her but you’re constantly questioning how you two became best friends in the first place. Your messy, she’s neat, you love Ryan Gosling and she prefers Johnny Depp. But somehow it weirdly works out.

Your twin best friend
The two of you have made some weird connection and are practically in sync with one another. You wear the same clothes unintentionally and practically say the same things all of the time. It’s no surprise that people have mistaken you both for sisters.