3 quick beauty fixes


Your hair looks perfect, you finish your make-up and just as you’re about to top up those lashes with a  final coat of mascara, your wand hits the side of your cheek.

We’ve all been there and it’s not the best feeling in the world at 7am.

To avoid starting your day with a clump of unwanted make-up on your face, here’s how to fix the common mistakes made during your morning rush.

Blush overload
Simply apply a bit of tinted moisturiser to your cheeks. If you use a cream brush, go over your cheeks with a translucent powder or a sponge.

Shiny face
Make sure you use a good toner after you cleanse your face. If you’re short of blotting paper, you could always use toilet paper instead.

Mascara gone wrong
Dip one end of a cotton bud into your moisturiser and remove the smudge, Use the other end to get rid of excess moisturiser.