Louise McSharry remains positive following cancer diagnosis

2FM’s Louise McSharry revealed on today’s Ryan Tubridy show that she has been diagnosed with cancer.

The 31-year-old radio star told listeners that she has been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and has been undergoing treatment for the illness.

Louise remains positive and upbeat, despite the diagnosis, and says she has no doubt she will be fine: “I’ll go and do six months of chemotherapy and at the end I am going to be told that I’m cured and can go back to my life. I didn’t decide to be like that.”

The diagnosis came as a shock to the presenter who said: “Two weeks ago I felt fine.”

Following surgery in December to remove her appendix, the star says she began to feel "a bit strange": "I lost my appetite, I stopped getting my period, I started having these major gross sweats – really intense."

After a trip to her GP, she underwent tests where the terrible diagnosis was made: "I went into hospital and they did loads of different tests. Eventually some growths on my spleen showed and enlarged lymph nodes on my arm."

Louise is engaged to Gordon Speirin and the two are due to get married next year. 

All of our thoughts are with you at this difficult time, Louise and we wish you all the best.