23,000 Dublin homes still due to be built, even with planning permission


Around 23,700 homes in the capital still have to be built, despite them all having planning permission.

The Department of Housing recently released figures showing that only one third of houses have been completed in recent years.

36,956 homes were approved with planning permission, with 13,000 of those been granted in the last 30 months.

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Of those, only 21 per cent have actually been built, while 5,000 are still under construction.

A whopping 64 per cent of houses still need to begin construction, bringing the number to nearly 24,000.

In the Dublin City Council area, no work has been started on 77 per cent of the homes, while in Fingal and South Dublin, nothing has begun on two thirds of the homes.

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In Dun Laoghaire Rathdown 6,659 were granted permission and 46 per cent of works have begun.

According to 98fm, around 35,000 houses and apartments are needed every year to meet the demand and dampen house prices and rental costs.