17 of the strangest things Jaden Smith has ever said


Will Smith's son Jaden Smith celebrated his 17th birthday yesterday while performing topless at the New Look Wireless festival. 

Jaden, who has followed in his parents footsteps by becoming an actor and rapper, is known for being a bit 'out there' when it comes to his fashion – but he's also garnered a stellar reputation as a weird and wonderful tweeter.

Jaden's little sister, Willow, takes after him in a lot of ways. Indeed, the 14-year-old is equally as outspoken and the pair seem to spend a lot of their time focusing on being free thinkers and disagreeing with society. 

Some of Jaden's tweets are just bizarre, but you've got to hand it to him, for a 17-year-old, he has a pretty deep understanding of life. 

This sounds so awkward 

He's actually got a point here 

Yea, swerving too hard is the worst 

Well, not exactly. 

There's a good chance she'll guess it's you Jaden 

Not quite…

Deep, bro 

That's the main thing 

He may be on to something here, we hate customs 

That's a tough one 

Yea, we have no words for this one