10 Trendy Gifts For A Bride On A Budget

A custom cheese board, portable luggage, a fascinating bridal box, signature perfumes, and more. See some of the best bride to be gifts.

A wedding invitation involves more than showing up, especially when the bride is your person. You want to help the bride transition from Miss to Mrs in happiness and comfort. And one way to do that is by getting the best gift for the bride that you can find.

Now, depending on your budget, you bridal presents that are high end or very affordable. And with this in mind, we’ve curated gifts from bridal box to workout gears, and more for you to choose.

Signature perfume

From the wedding to the honeymoon, the bride will be so busy that she may forget to buy her scents. So, perfumes are perfect gifts for the bride to be. If you know her signature scent, get her a whole stash. And if you don’t, settle for a perfume that will leave her drooling.

Bath essentials

Make bathing time more pleasant for the bride by gifting her bathing essentials. Scented candles, bath salts and bombs, soap, bath milk, and more. These items will give her an awesome bathing experience, which is a deserving luxury for brides.

Bride subscription box

There’s no planning without a wedding subscription box. It’s as essential as the bride’s dress. Gift her a bride box containing essentials to help her plan and transit from Miss to Mrs in style. From vow books to beauty essentials, wedding planning tools and checklists, ring dishes, and more. A bridal subscription box is the ultimate wedding guide.

Portable luggage

After the wedding comes the honeymoon. The bride will need a piece of portable and classy luggage to carry her things. Help her prepare in advance by gifting her a piece of travel luggage of great quality.

Vanity set

If you have an expansive budget, buy her a vanity set. It is a beautiful gift for the bride. The vanity set will hold her beauty essentials and the mirror will serve her for years. She would also remember you with fondness.

Monogrammed phone case

For a tiny amount, get the bride a custom phone case monogrammed with her new initials. The initials can either be calligraphed, pasted, engraved, or studded. Cool right? Every bride will love to flaunt the case as much as their rocks. It screams welcome to Mrs!

Custom cheese board

Some brides love to cook and entertain. And with marriage, she will certainly do a lot more hosting. Switch up her kitchen experience by gifting her a custom cheese board. Carve her first name or initials on the cheeseboard. The best part is that this wedding gift for the bride is budget-friendly.

Workout gear

Workout gear is arguably the best gift for a bride. A very relevant item from before the wedding till forever. Encourage the bride to stay in shape in order to fit in her dream dress. If she’s already a health and fitness buff, the workout gear makes a beautiful addition to her wardrobe.


For some, cooking is a passion and for others, it’s a past time or they’re not interested. If your bride loves to cook, get her a comprehensive cookbook. She will enjoy trying out new dishes and have more reasons to be in her kitchen.

Personalized makeup purse

A bride will cherish a makeup purse that helps her carry her items with ease. From makeup trials to wedding day and honeymoon, she needs her stuff intact. Go a step further by personalizing it with her name.

From makeup purses to bridal box, we’ve listed 10 awesome gifts for the bride. They are all in different price ranges depending on your budget. So, make a pick and present her with thoughtful bride-to-be gifts.