10 things we didn’t think we’d hate when we grew up


1. Staying Up Late
Gone are the days when we wished for no bed time – now we are stuck wishing for one lazy night in. With all the assignments due the next day, noisy neighbours and not to mention all the parties, we just HAVE to go to. There’s not enough time for sleep, ever.


 2. Getting our periods
Remember the days when we sat there wishing for our period so we could finally feel grown up? Boy, were we foolish!


3. Wearing a bra
Are you cringing just thinking back at the training bras you used to feel so grown up in? Now you can’t wait to get home just to take the damn thing off.


4. Going on Dates
I used to think Prince Charming was going to whisk me off into the sunset after a date. Now we realise it’s just awkward small talk for the whole night followed by an even more awkward goodnight kiss. Give us Netflix any day.


5. Wearing Heels
Parading in your mother’s shoes that were a few sizes too big was the past time of many young girls. Now that we have to buy our own shoes the pain sets in. The prettier the shoes, the more your feet will pay for them. Sure you’ll take them off halfway through the night anyways, but you might as well parade in them while you can!


6. Wearing makeup
It used to be a novelty. You wore makeup just because you could and it was amazing when your mum finally let you buy your first mascara! Now, you feel that you cant leave the house without any makeup and the time and effort it takes is so not worth it since it all rubs off by the middle of the day anyways.


 7. Going out at night
Not only does getting ready for a night out take half a day, but choosing what outfit to wear, what drink to buy and who will be there almost makes it not worth the effort. The drama, tears and drunken mess that ensues makes you vow to never go out again – until the next night.


8. Shaving our legs
Only now do we realise that our mams were right to stop us shaving our legs as tweens. The stress, cuts and razor burns, not to mention the fact they have to be done basically every day for fear of feeling like a cactus. Ugh.


 9. Living Alone
And having to buy your own groceries. This has resulted in so many college students living off 12c Tesco noodles for the few days before the grant comes in. And the STRESS of carrying all the bags back with no car. Those plastic bags are useless.


10. Eating what you want
When we were younger our parents stopped us from over indulging all the time – what a waste of that fast metabolism! Now we have to watch what we eat in fear of the already too-tight dress getting any harder to zip up.


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