10 things to know about landing your first real job

All this time in college you assumed that you would just walk into  job, right? Well, here are things that you need to know when finding your first real career break:

1. In everyone’s mind you’re officially an adult
In college you were only a student, in purgatory between a teenager and adult. No one could complain,  “sure, he’s going to university isn’t he”? This quickly changes when you leave college to “ah, he is taking a year out”, even though that usually involves some sort of travelling.

Grow_up2. Interviews can sometimes feel like an interrogation
It is bad enough when there is one interviewer, but  if there are two or three you feel like it’s an interrogation, as they slowly eye you up and crush your will.

the_appropriate_interrogation_method_for_suspect_2-444103. Working for free  is the most likely option
“Well, do you have any experience? No … well, you can always work for free” Yes it has come to this. You never thought  it would happen, but you’re thinking of working for free.

i_should_stop_working_for_free4. Oh, so that’s why you get a summer job
“Sure who needs a summer job, it’s only for money, I don’t need money.” When your young, money is just a thing you use to buy sweets. Summer job’s are all about experience  and you ponder this while looking at a blank CV.

rs_490x252-130924164450-tumblr_inline_mr8cxpB9Ak1qz4rgp5. Your CV is actually important
“CV? Sure I’ll just put my leaving cert results on it and it will be grand”. Hmm, you think that your employers are going to be impressed by your Leaving Cert results?

post-32130-Gordon-Ramsay--Do-you-want-a-f-YjJQ6. You’re not the only one
“I’m a shoe in, the interviewer really seems to like me.” Little do you realize that there are actually other people who went for the interview as well. They have more experience than you, better people skills, and have worked in a job like this before. Harsh, but true.

tumblr_m325a9qWoW1rosecn7. Socializing is a thing of the past
You will  quickly find out that when you’re not working you don’t have money.

tumblr_mbo1zugX9f1qg2uji8. Signing on
As much as you thought you wouldn’t need to, sometimes you may need to sign on. But don’t worry, hopefully it won’t be for too long. Keep up the motivation and don’t allow yourself to get stuck in a rut.

dole_1482505c9. Degree … What Degree?
You spend 3 0r 4 years doing a degree only to find out that the piece of paper is worthless and it’s in Latin so no one can read it. It is basically just used as an indication of what your interests are.


10. Chance to learn something new
Instead of staying at home watching daytime TV, you could actually make the most of your time and learn something new. You could finally learn to drive, learn a new language, go skydiving, go to the gym. The world is your oyster!

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