A round up of 10 of the BEST pop culture influenced Xmas jumpers

If you're someone who really doesn't want to don a 'Happy Christmas ya filthy animal' slogan jumper during this year's 12 pubs, then this stylish list is here to save you. 

We've sourced 10 of our favourite Christmas jumpers with a difference. Each one is influenced by pop culture, be it unicorns, Stranger Things, gin or GoT.

Best of all? They all come in at under €35.00.

I Believe jumper €32,49, Eleven Days of Christmas €22.08

 Sleigh Bell Ring jumper €20.29, Gin jumper €31.33

John Snow jumper €22.08,  Snapchat jumper €24.75

Harambe jumper €28.95, Kanye jumper €28.00

Trumper jumper €31.33, Hodor jumper €26.46