10 of the worst gifts you could get from relatives at Christmas


We love our family, we really do. But when it comes to Christmas presents, sometimes we find ourselves asking, 'WHY?!!'

Here are the worst gifts you could get from a relative at Christmas:

1. A highly inappropriate diamond thong 
Erm, thanks Gran…

2. A Westlife calendar
Well, at least your Aunt Betty remembered you love Westlife…five years ago. In fact, where did she even find it?!

3. The gift that you gave them last year…

4. A weighing scales
Get out now

5. A boxset of all of the Bridget Jones movies
Hint taken

6. How to Find a Boyfriend for Dummies
No seriosuly, HINT TAKEN!

7. The way-too-expensive gift
As you sheepishly hand them them the selection box you bought them

8. Pajamas that are five times too big

9. An iron
Sigh…thoughtful but disappointing

10. The boxset of Cribs
"I remember you love that show" – yup, thanks Uncle Pat!