10 of Carrie Bradshaw’s most questionable SATC outfits

From the moment she first dodged New York traffic in a tutu, Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw has given us endless style inspiration. With an incredible collection of clothes (that seemed a little excessive for someone on a journalist’s salary), she was undoubtedly the show’s style queen.

Sometimes though, Carrie got it so very, very wrong. Here are a few of the outfits that made us cringe…

1. Those “cozy” woollen shorts
With the coat closed this outfit would have been totally fine. But why the strapless woolly vest and shorts combo?! The addition of leopard print kitten heels didn’t help either.

2. The LeAnn Rimes tribute outfit
A straw hat is never an acceptable accessory unless you’ve just come from the beach or a good ol’ fashioned hoedown. As for the arm cuff and snakeskin bikini top… we are very, very confused.

3. The standard New Year’s outfit – wellies and a turban
Now, we do accept that Carrie rushed out of the house last minute in this New Year’s episode, but surely there are more practical options for snowy weather than a sparkling turban? At least she swapped the white stilettos for some waterproof footwear.

4. The mummy-esque summer outfit
We’re not sure what’s going on here. White, loose fabrics were definitely a good choice for the desert, but the outfit appears to be made of random strips of loo roll tied together. And once again – why the turban?!

5. The dress that doubled as a life raft
A red-and-white floral dress is actually quite a simple choice by Carrie’s standards, but the peplum skirt looks as if it’s been inflated. At least she’ll bounce right back up if she falls!

6. The “I’m a writer BTW” dress
Ah, the Christian Dior Daily. We’d choose it over The Irish Times any day. This newspaper-print dress is just bizarre – we do like the shoes though.

7. The dress that surely required regular watering
Never one to keep things toned down, Carrie went all out with this massively oversized flower attached to an otherwise normal dress.

8. The “I just wore everything in my wardrobe today" outfit
We’re all for layering different fabrics, but this is a bit much. A tulle skirt, paisley dress, turquoise cardigan, belt and fur coat, topped off with a neon pink scarf. Classic minimalist style!

9. Those unfortunate tartan trousers
This outfit is half-golfer, half-crazy granny. Red tartan trousers and a baby pink shirt? Enough said.

10. And… the ultimate Carrie Fail
Okay, you’ve tied your shirt up. That’s okay. It’s kind of cute. The skirt’s not too bad, either. But Carrie, do enlighten us, why in the name of God is there a belt tied around your stomach?

We rest our case!