10 fitness YouTubers for when you’re not in the mood for the gym

Sometimes the idea of going outside and walking to the gym is simply too much.

We've compiled a complete list of our favourite fitness YouTube accounts that you can use for those days when an at-home workout is what you're in the mood for. 

But don't think you're getting off easy – this lot will get your heart rate up and make you werk it! 

1. Blogilates
Cassey Ho may be the happiest person on the internet and it shows because her YouTube channel has almost 2 million subscribers! Her upbeat outlook and passion for what she does will drive you to work harder – with amazing results!


2. Tone It Up
With almost half a million YouTube subscribers, Karena and Katrina will give you great exercises for every part of your body – often with stunning backdrops. You may be doing your workout in Ireland, but your heart is in California!


3. Tara Stiles
If yoga is what you're into then this is the YouTube channel for you. Specialising in yoga for what YOU need, find moves to help you sleep, focus or de-stress. 


4. BodyRock TV
BodyRock does NOT mess around! A no-nonsense channel with some serious fitness videos to get you in your best condition. 


5. Amanda Russell
Have you got four minutes? Then you have no excuse! Amanda's videos are short and sweet but give intense workouts – get moving!


6. BeFit
Get great workouts with top trainers such as Jillian Michaels and even Jane Fonda.


7. Popsugar Fitness
If you want to get Cameron Diaz's arms or to train like a Victoria's Secret Angel then look no further!


8. BexLife
From fitness and yoga to how we eat and meditation, Bex Life gives us the lowdown. Get fit AND informed – perfect. 


9. Livestrong Woman
A huge range of videos to suit everyone with as well as an 'essentials' section to ensure you are doing the basic moves in the correct way. 


10. Sarah Fit
Simple workout for great results as well as information on healthy eating to keep you on the right track!